Monday, January 12, 2009


Last Thursday I started getting sick. At first my throat started burning. As the day went on my head started hurting. By the afternoon my eyes were watering and my head was spinning. I was so dizzy it was very hard to sit at my desk.

I am slowly getting better. I did find a 12 hour decongestant that allowed me to breath better. Thursday night I got very little sleep because I couldn't breath through my nose. I would still LOVE to lounge around all day but that isn't possible. We have a new client that is putting on a new branch with us. I was told this last Tuesday or Wednesday and I still haven't received employee apps. Fun stuff ahead.

The weekend really sucked. Hubby overdosed on football all weekend to the point that I wanted to scream. I am so sick of football. He keeps telling me it is almost over with. Hello... I am not stupid. After football there will be something else.

So I sat at my computer a lot this weekend reading blogs. Lots of blogs. I kept thinking I should write a few posts. Nope. Couldn't manage that. When my head is all crappy with a cold I can barely manage to do the necessities.

So unfortunately, this is my crappy post....sorry folks.


Linda Crispell said...

Feel better!!!

Saucy said...

I hope you feel better. Just looking at the blogs can be a little tiring, not to mention coming up with a comment... I hear you.

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