Sunday, January 4, 2009


It is the one day when they come here... isn't that from a song? I can tell you that I was so tired yesterday that when I slept last night I flipped over on my back, not a good thing for someone with sleep apnea, and that I didn't move at all. None. So when I woke up I was stoved up. My back was screaming and my neck had pain shooting up through it. Oh for a pain pill to get you through that first hour when you can barely move. Didn't have any. Must find a drug dealer in the near future.

So I sat in pain for a long time. Drinking coffee with my fav hazelnut creamer. Watching a movie. Enjoying the silence before the herd wakes up. Grandson #1 and granddaughter both try to out do each other, tattle on each other, boss each other, did I say out do each other? They are driving me nuts. Grandson #2 may be cutting more teeth or perhaps it is just a cold. He has taken to whining, something he has never done, and he sounds very similar to Chewbaca from Star Wars. It makes me want to poke crochet needles into my eardrums to silence my world. Knitting needles sound more appropriate but I don't knit.

Now we are all doing the shuffle to successfully get everyone showered and at the pizza parlor by two. Grandson #1 turned 8 a week ago but his party is today. Being born a few days after Christmas has always left him shafted on the party side of things. People are always out of town for the holidays. This time we are doing it differently. Hopefully he will have a wonderful time and hopefully I will survive it.

It is a shame this pizza joint doesn't serve beer. Not that I am a beer drinker but you take what you can get. Someone scarfed all my champagne recently so I can't make myself a mimosa before I go. The only thing available is Canadian Whiskey, my drink of choice, but I can't do that this time of the day. I would probably not be able to control myself and then I would be snockered by 6 pm and feel like ass all day tomorrow. Mimosas are perfect. Not that much alcohol, just enough to mellow you out, plus you get your vitamin C.

Oh well, hope they have good pizza. It will totally be off the chart for my eating healthier but tomorrow is a new day. I bet they even have chocolate pizza........

Quote for today:

When you have reached the end of your rope......tie a knot and hang on.

I think this is by Benjamin Franklin but it may be Thomas Jefferson.... Sorry to be so brain dead but Chewy is distracting me....

Later: I searched online and found that it is Thomas Jefferson, although some reported it was Theordore Roosevelt and some said Eleanor Roosevelt. If you know the answer please let me know.


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