Friday, January 2, 2009


Frugal Friday is new for me. I often run across money saving tips or create my own and I thought I would share some of them with you. Today I want to talk about a product that I really like. It is Oil of Olay Daily Facials. I especially like the night cleansing one. When you use this product your face feels so smooth and clean. I highly recommend it over other brands and other types that Oil of Olay has to offer.

Now for the frugal part. This product is typically plus or minus $5.00 and you get a thirty day supply. I cut each facial cloth into four sections along the fold lines. This gives you a 120 day supply or approximately 4 months worth of facials. This quarter piece cleans my face very well. Big Girl who wears pounds of makeup has no problem getting it all off with this reduced piece. This means you are spending approximately $1.25 monthly for your daily facial.

As an added bonus after cleaning my face with them, because I don't wear as much makeup as Big Girl, I use my cloth to clean my bathroom sink. I normally brush my teeth first and then cleanse my face. This gets rid of the missed toothpaste that can make your sink gross. The cloth is soft but has enough tooth to exfoliate your face so it is perfect for a quick cleanup on the sink and faucet. I am not implying this will replace the normal cleaning and sanitizing of your sink but it will keep it from becoming embarrassingly gross.


Saucy said...

Oh man!! This is genius. I use those Olay wipes but only when we are traveling so I don't have to pack all my makeup removers etc. but cutting them up and I wouldn't feel so guilty about spending money on them! And wiping the sink - you smartie pants!

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