Thursday, January 1, 2009



I was so good earlier eating my celery and laughing cow cheese. I love these two together. The colder weather makes me want to eat. I isn't THAT cold here but colder than what it has been lately. We have had weather in the 70's lately. It got in the 30's last night. I can hear you all crying for me as you try to shovel out of a foot of snow and struggle with below zero temperatures.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich. With real butter and real cheese. Extra sharp cheese. One of my favorites. I decided to dust off the old year book and let you see the skinny bitch.

I was a size zero or one in high school. It wasn't until my sophomore and junior years that I could even find clothes that fit. I didn't get above a three until I had my first child. I went to a size seven and back down to a five and my family picked on me about how big I was. No they weren't retarded. When you are used to seeing someone so small all their life and they grow a bit it is a spectacle. So you can imagine when family had not seen me in years the way they talked behind my back when I got this big.....

And this is after I lost 35 lbs which I promptly gained back after Big Girls wedding. When your child is miserable she calls you daily and stresses you out......and you don't sleep well....and you gain weight.....and you eat chocolate.


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