Friday, January 2, 2009


I thought I should make some New Year resolutions. Hopefully by putting them in writing for the whole world to see I will be more determined to actually fulfill them.

1. Sleep more, stress less. Sometimes I wake up after only 2-4 hours of sleep and I get up for a few hours. If I have slept 4 hours I may not go back to bed at all. This is not good. I am going to try not to stress over the little things. I will try to put things in perspective and be thankful for all that I do have.

2. I need to change my eating habits. I didn't want to say diet. I love healthy foods. For some reason when I think about eating better than I have I suddenly start craving carbs and things that I never eat, like fried fish and french fries and cinnamon pop tarts. Less stress and more sleep from 1. will help.

3. Get the jewelry made. Quit buying more supplies until I have actually designed and created more pieces and sold them. I have become addicted to buying jewelry findings and gemstones.

4. Exercise. Walk or do some type of physical activity every day. I sold my stationary exercise bike when I moved. I miss it. I could ride that for an hour and read a book. Loved it. May have to get another. I could rake the yard or something like that to get the blood moving. No more just sitting at the desk.

5. Cook more. I used to cook a lot. Lately I have left most of that to the hubby. Use the Cuisinart bread machine I bought this summer. Quit buying bread at the store and make my own. I used to enjoy cooking. This kitchen is not conducive to my gourmet side. Make one recipe a month from Bon Appetit. Preferably more but make that the minimum.

6. Show the people in my life how much I love them and appreciate them. Take time to smell the roses and make sure everyone else smells them too. I have built a wall around myself that I don't let people get too close to. I swear I could become a hermit. Probably part of depression. I don't know. However, I need to do that.

7. Try hard to not judge people unfairly. I feel that we can always improve in this area. I like diversity. I like different. Normal is boring. Also, I tend to judge my children, perhaps a lot. I am tough on them. I want the best from them.

8. This should be #1.... Make myself happy.


Saucy said...

You've got an impressive list of resolutions... sleep is so terribly important to achieving all of the rest of them! I'm trying to eat healthier also and get out for a walk every day! Let's keep each other motivated!

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