Thursday, January 15, 2009


Kids are so funny. This morning when the older two were getting ready for school I noticed they were both in the bathroom and were in there for a long time. Last time this happened she had half a bottle of detangler in her hair and was very greasy.

As I neared the door I could smell hubby's cologne. Uh oh. What are you two doing? Suddenly toothbrushes and hair brushes were being utilized. I told them to hurry up because they were going to be late for school.

I mentioned this to Big Girl and she said "I know what that is about". Apparently my grandson wants a girl to like him. So granddaughter has been giving him advise and helping him at school with her. Big Girl overheard her telling him that he needed to wear deodorant and cologne so he would smell nice and the girl would like him. She told him he had to learn to be cool. She said look at Aunt Kiki (Big Girl). See her jeans with the holes in them? She is cool.

Good grief. Kids trip me out sometimes. Grandson has been a flirt since he was able to walk. I have taken him to restaurants and he would flirt with the women. When he was 18 months old he told me that he had a girlfriend. I said you do, what is her name? He said her name is MeMe. This is what my grand kids call me. I said "You are such a schmoozer".

Later that day when his mother came to pick him up I told her to listen to this. I asked him if he had a girlfriend and what is her name? He said her name is Mama.....Meme.....Mama and MeMe. Wasn't even two years old and already he was very diplomatic. See. Told you he was a schmoozer.

He thinks his MeMe is cool. I can play computer games with him and get him through the rough spots. However, he probably out plays me now. He has been playing around on computers since he was very tiny. Once I went into my office and kept hearing music play. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I finally discovered it was from Yahoo IM. I turned it off. He came in about that time and said "MeMe, I was listening to some songs".

Every time he sees a website on a billboard, TV ad or on the back of a kids food product he goes to that site. He has been surfing the web for years. His favorites are the Cartoon Network and Nick. He is very smart.

Anyway.... here is to being a cool kid.


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