Saturday, January 17, 2009


I thought I would write this post about miscellaneous things. There have been a lot of silly, crazy, insane, small things going on.

Take work. Please take it. Yesterday my client from hell started her crap again. I have been dealing with this woman since May 2005. She grinds my nerves to pieces and I cringe at the thought of talking to her. She doesn't intimidate me. She is the type that will go on and on and argue and mainly lie to you over and over again. I talked to her 4 times yesterday and each time her story changed. She has a voice that sounds like she has false teeth and smokes 20 packs a day.

It all started with her wanting us to take a company check. We don't do that. She knows that. An exception was made a year or so ago and it bounced. It took us three months to get our money. Yesterday she would not let up. I finally quit taking her calls until she tortured the people in the Dallas office so much that I took pity on them and started accepting her calls again.

When we hear her name you can almost hear a universal groan go through the atmosphere. She is not ugly to us, she doesn't curse us...she is just relentless and argues and argues and never shuts up. She wants what she wants and she won't stop until you finally have to get rude and say this is it and I am hanging up now. Shame. Sad.

This one is funny. I instant message people at work, my boss, a couple of co-workers and a few clients. Well my boss, I love him, but he is young and he is too liberal for my tastes. He doesn't like to reprimand people for being late or other things that would get people fired at a different business. He is the one that called me a machine and Hitler or Nazi. Can't really remember which. I have a different work ethic. Do your work...don't surf and play online when you are getting paid to work.....

He may work 20 hours a week. Maybe. Comes in late, leaves early, has a hangover most of the time. You get the picture. So the Friday after New Years around 2:30 my time he decides to start IM'ing me and asking me questions. I had been IM'ing someone else in the office and I said...."Now he wants to work when everyone is trying to get out of the office early". Big mistake. I IM'd him instead of the other person. He said "eh?" I was mortified. If I were quick on my feet I could have said "just being sarcastic let's go home". Nope. I just said "just a minute I am on the phone". Nothing else was ever said. Me...I couldn't stop laughing.

Good thing for me he is so Liberal. Hope he doesn't read my blog. Sorry Dude.

Lets talk about Big Girl. She is very pretty and very outgoing. She also gets whiplash every other day looking at "hot" guys. She does love to look and play the field. Every now and then she will actually date someone. That is usually over within a week or two. Why? Cause they say something like "I miss you" and other things that indicate they are in a "relationship", "exclusive", "boyfriend & girlfriend". That is the kiss of death.

I think that she is actually "talking" to 3 or 4 right now. She bar tends part time until she gets her Cosmetology License and builds up her clientele. While at work she got a text from one of the guys and it says "I miss you". They have never been on a date. He did come over one night and watched a movie with her. When she read the text she was all "Oh No". The owner asked her what was wrong. She showed him the text and said I could understand that if we had been dating for months or something but we aren't even really dating. He looked at her and said "You are such a dude". She is.

You know what? I am proud of the fact that she doesn't feel the need to be smothered with attention, doesn't sit at home and wait for a phone call. I like that she doesn't "need" a man to fill a void in her life. She has lots of girl and guy friends and she dearly loves hanging out with them. She is not one to dump her friends over a guy.

Well I have probably bored you enough today. Gotta find some chocolate.......


The Vintage Kitten said...

Theres an award for you on my blog X

Mama Kat said...

Your girls are beautiful!!

Squawkfox said...

I stopped IMing at work in fear of messaging in the wrong window. You handled that so well. :D

Your boss sounds like a slacker. No chocolate for him. :)

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