Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am so not keeping up with current news lately. I just found out that Andrew Wyeth passed away on January 16th, 2009. He is best known for his painting Christina's World. Christina was a neighbor that was paralyzed from the waist down. In this painting she looks very young but she was actually 55 when he painted it.

In 1986 240 paintings in a series called "The Helga Series" were bought by a private collector who allowed t hem to be exhibited for several years. No one knew he was working on these paintings. They were painted over a 15 year period. Neither his wife nor the Helga's husband knew she modeled for these paintings. Andrew Wyeth was 91.

It is really odd that I just noticed this news today. Earlier today I was thinking about the time I met Frank Benson's granddaughter in Fairhope, Alabama. She had a portrait of her mother, I believe it was Eleanor, that Frank Benson had painted. I stared at that painting as long as I could. It was fascinating to see how he used colors in shadows on the skin. It helped in my perspective of really seeing what I was looking at.

I do love art. One of my most favorite painters is Georgia O'Keefe. I also love Monet. Absolutely marvelous darling....


megan said...

Andrew Wyeth is my favorite artist. I was so sad to read when he died last week.
Last fall we went up to Maine and went to the Farnsworth museum where there is an entire portion devoted to him and his work. We then took a 30 minute drive to Christina's home...where Christina's World was painted. It is so beautiful and serene there. There is no hoopla about the place. It is a home that sits on the ocean. We were the only people there. We walked to the little gravesite where she and her brother were buried (and incidently where she was crawling back from when Andrew painted "Christina's World". It is an amazing place if you ever get a chance to go. I hope to someday go back.

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