Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have got to pull myself out of my funk. I know it is the season and people have a let down after Christmas but that is not it. I have quite a few reasons to be in this deep pit of despair.

For now I will try to think about the good things, reasons to be thankful. I know that so many other people in this world have a very hard life and a many more reasons to be depressed than I do. I really do have a lot to be thankful for.

However, this uneasiness makes it difficult for me to write. Not that I am a very prolific person. I used to be. I had a professor tell me that I should seriously consider writing as a career. You wouldn't know it by my posts. I think part of that is my business side. I am not saying that this is a business. I am saying that in my line of work I am slammed with emails and send them constantly. I have had to learn to be very professional and to the point.

I have had a few people take offense to my emails. So much so that they felt the need to defend themselves. This usually happens when that person is insecure and/or they know they did not do their job or they feel guilty about something. It is a very fine line that I have to walk sometimes.

It is the same with phone conversations with clients who want to yell and think that if they keep saying the same thing over and over again that it will become true. They are bullies. I don't do well with bullies. I dig in my heels and get stronger. You do not bully me into giving you what you want. If you are nice I may make concessions and exceptions. If you are an ass you will get nothing. If you are a total ass and you are abusive to my account managers then you are gone. History. Out of there.

It doesn't bother me so much when they try to get abusive with me. I can handle it. I have tough skin when it comes to this type of situation. I don't take it personally. They are wrong and I am not. So I let them blow off steam and calm down. Sometimes I yell back. But not in a ugly confrontational way. I yell to be heard, to shut them up, to get them to listen. If that doesn't work I simply say this conversation is getting us nowhere. I advise them that I am going to hang up. Sometimes I tell them when they can talk to me in a proper manner then call back.

Actually, the worst one ever was a woman. She kept screaming and cursing. I told her I had enough. She wanted to know my name. I gave her my first name. She wanted my last. My name is uncommon and it would be very rare for more than one person to have that name. She wanted to report me. I told her please do so. She did. But before that I let her talk to the VP. He ran screaming into the closet. Not really. But close. He was very frustrated by it. She called the president of the company and left him a vmail. She called everyone she could think of.

Guess what.....I canceled her. Yep. Canceled her insurance certificates and she couldn't get a permit. She even called me from the permit office and she could not help herself... she started cursing again...in front of them. Sometimes it feels good to cancel a jackass. I don't expect a client to bow down and praise me like I am the best thing on earth. I expect some modicum of decency. Sometimes it is just a matter of being civil. Some people are so ignorant.

And then you go eat a lot of chocolate.......

Thank you Saucey and Linda for your kind words.......


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