Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today didn't start out too bad. I actually slept a normal nights sleep. That was awesome. I rarely get enough sleep.

The kids were getting ready for school while I was sitting at my computer. I kept hearing spzzt, spzzt, spzzt. It took a little while before that sunk into my consciousness. Someone was spraying something. I went into the bathroom and granddaughter was spraying detangler in her hair. I told her to stop. She proceeded to tell me that it gets out the tangles. I told her that is what brushes are for. Needless to say she went to school with very greasy looking hair. You just hope that the teachers have kids too and know that the crazy things kids do are no way a reflection on the parents. I hope so anyway.

I went outside this morning and there were these structures they had built yesterday. Sticks and rakes and brooms all stacked and standing somehow. Also, the sand in a box around a tree was now all over the concrete slab where the basketball goal is. Quite a bit of it. They did this despite the fact that just days earlier I told them to quit digging holes in the yard. They said they were building a worm farm.

The big kids are just as bad. In my office there was a can of deodorant that someone (baby girl) left on my desk. The half empty bottle of Mountain Dew on the floor near my other desk (baby girl again). A hair brush in my floor. I don't know who that belongs to but I suspect baby girl again. I can walk behind her and collect 7 or 8 glasses and/or soda cans. She is the worlds worst. She is the person that goes into a room and turns on the lights, looks around and walks out leaving the lights on. She will open a drawer and it will stay open. The same with cabinet doors. She is my piglet.

Big girl isn't much better. Recently all her clean laundry was piled in a six by six foot area in her bedroom floor. And she is complaining that she can't find her clothes. Go figure. Her solution....go buy more. I keep telling her to purge. Get rid of the things she no longer wears so she will have room for what she does. One time I picked up all her clothes and hung them up by color and put them in drawers. She didn't like that because she couldn't find anything. I hyperventilate every time I see that pile. She did get it up recently but I noticed the piles are starting to overtake other areas of her room.

I love them all. I just wonder when they will grow up........

Quote of the Day "Striving for perfection is the greatest stopper there is.… It's your excuse to yourself for not doing anything. Instead, strive for excellence, doing your best."– Sir Laurence Olivier


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