Thursday, January 22, 2009


Over at Mama's losin it she does a creative writing challenge weekly. This posting is about that challenge. We have to write about 4 different subjects and I chose to write about a memorable blind date. Unfortunately, I have a few of them.

I had one blind date when I was a teenager. I had many more after I got a divorce and before I met my current husband. During that time I tried going out to clubs but it wasn't so great. I had very friend girlfriends. There was only one that would go out with me but that didn't work out so well. My friend is a very creative person that teaches, writes music and songs and records and produces her music, plays, etc.

Well K and I went out once. She is not a lesbian and never will be. However, she had on a thick flannel jacket, her hair is super short, white socks and black penny loafers. And she likes to get right in your face to talk to you. Of course the volume of music had something to do with that but still... Anyway, we literally looked like a couple. So no meeting anyone.

Going out alone sucked and made me feel like a ho looking to pick up someone. I decided to try this type of dating service that was in the Mobile paper. I called it voice mail dating. People could run free adds, leave a message for people to hear and call and leave messages for others. Where it got expensive was listening to the messages you received. Needless to say I did a lot of fast deleting to cut the cost.

So every date was basically a blind date. You may have talked on the phone but you had never met before. I had a date with an engineer and he told me he looked like a local anchorperson on television who used to be a football hero. Fact: Any time they tell you they are good looking...they aren't.

I meet this guy at a club on the old highway between Mobile and the other side of the bay area called Eastern Shore. It is built on pilings because there is a lot of potential for flooding being on the bay. I meet him and we have a drink. He is a nice guy but not my type. He was too much older than me and not my cup of tea in the looks department.

Next thing you know he is asking me what it would take to get me to love him. OMG. WTF. So as soon as I can I go to the restroom. I am a very nice person and don't want to just disappear. I come back out and don't see him. I do a quick look around...don't see him and head for the fast as I can.

Whew...make it to the ground, as there were a lot of stairs to this place, and get in the parking area near my car. I parked a long way from the actual building because they were slammed. I hear screaming. I looked over my shoulder to see my date standing on the deck so I just kept on going and didn't look back again. I felt like I was far enough away to get away with "I didn't see you".

I get a phone call at 3 in the morning. It is him. When I turned back to look and saw him on the upper deck he then dashed down the stairs to chase after me. He went down them faster than he intended. He has just gotten out of the emergency room because he fell on the stairs and broke his leg.

Needless to say I felt so guilty that I went on another date with him. Snooze.

I had quite a few blind dates during this period and almost all of them were a one time thing. Most of the guys were very nice but didn't want to allow time to develop a friendship. They wanted to go straight for the kill. That just didn't fly with me.

But I did meet my hubby this very same way. We talked for weeks before we ever met. When we finally met I thought he was one of the nicest guys I had ever met even if he did scare the hell out of me because he looked as big as a house. He was very pumped up from working out and walking a lot. Oh, and when asked about his looks he said that other people told him he was attractive but he didn't think he was. That was a plus sign right off the bat.

And that is the end of this fairy tale and time to eat.....CHOCOLATE....


Suzi said...

Very cute. You are very brave, not sure I could do the blind dating.

Mrs B said...

Oh Good are a saint.

namaste said...

so so so funny.... I can't believe he broke his leg!!! lol!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is a great way to end a post! I can't believe you've been on multiple blind dates! It all comes together in the end though, doesn't it?

Cathy said...

Wow, you are too nice to go on a second date! Of course, I probably would have felt sorry for him...after he broke his leg and all. ;-)

Mama Kat said...

What a nightmare! I would have high tailed it out of there too!!

Amber said...

I thought he asked you to love him to scare you of and ditched you when you went into the bathroom. Bummer that he broke his leg, it was nice of you to date him again.

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