Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was scolded by baby girl last night. Mom....why haven't you posted anything lately? The truth is I have been unsuccessfully trying to move my blog to my dot com. I tried it once before without success and now I have tried again, without success. I had someone helping but the first attempt left my dot com linked to google. Sooooo I am waiting on the help desk of my host. Yep... tard for sure.

So baby girl is trying to come home this week. That will all depend on whether she gets 5000 things taken care of and can get Sugar, her adorable white dog, flown out on a commercial flight. She and the granddaughter are flying military and hopefully without constant delays since it is all standby.

She has started her own blog but only posted once. She is at Every time I hear the phrase "Driving Miss Crazy" I think about how it came to be. Big girl and baby girl can really come up with some crazy antics sometimes. Big girl was going to move the car and baby girl jumps in the back seat....don't know why. But big girl said "What do you think this is....... Driving Miss Crazy?". Well you would just have to know the relationship these two have to understand. Many times while driving home from work I wondered if I had enough cash to make it out of town and across several states before I was missed. The two of them and their fighting, playing and other escapades had me taking prozac. The only thing that kept me from running away was the guilt over leaving hubby alone to defend himself.

This is Big Girl and Baby Girl during a rare loving moment which I am sure was brought on by various shots of dark and mysterious liquors along with a dose of Red Bull.

Back when most people had only one phone line I had two. Somehow with two teenage girls they still managed to fight over the damn phone. Then to make matters worse they would each get on a phone line and call me about the the same time....while I was at work. It was maddening. Then 30 minutes later they would call me giggling and snorting and acting like they were 10. So now you don't have to wonder why I was taking prozac. Actually I think it should be a requirement if you have teenagers.

So today I am chatting with baby girl while she is cleaning. I am also cleaning up my jewelry making mess. I can now see the work surface. So we were on the phone for probably a couple of hours. Sometimes we talked sometimes we didn't. Sometimes I got preoccupied with my task and half way heard what she was saying... sorry baby girl. You know your moma does that sometimes. Anyway I hear her say something about "she is licking her nipples". So I immediately think of Sugar the sweet dog but ask who. So then she says granddaughter is pulling her skin and licking her nipples. I think she was being sarcastic because I was so lame for asking who. But the truth is I never did clarify that.... Ewwww...... Let's just go with it was Sugar and I am an idiot for not listening closely enough. Besides....I think it is physically impossible for a child with no breasts to do that....unless she has a giraffe neck.

But I am very very excited and hope that they do make it home this week. It will be a house full. A house full of laughter, tears, probably a few squabbles and just a lot of fun too.


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