Thursday, December 18, 2008


My Baby Girl is coming home. We talked this morning and she is on her way to Ramstein to wait for a flight. Sugar baby the pooch is on her way and is flying commercial and will be in Atlanta tomorrow afternoon. You can't fly your dog military unless you are leaving permanently. Hopefully her and granddaughter will be arriving tomorrow night.

But even bigger news.... Baby Girl went for an exam and was told she is three weeks pregnant. Wow. We are all excited. Baby girl is going to have a baby. This is her first. Granddaughter is her husbands child. I wish I knew already what the sex will be. That way I could really get a jump on things.

Of course this means that my summer trip to Germany will be pushed to Spring. I want to stay at least a month and each weekend go to a different country. I want to go to France and Amsterdam and many other places. If I wait until Summer she will not feel like schlepping all over Europe. Then I will have to go back in August to be there for the birth and help my baby with her baby.

Yep. I baby my babies too much sometimes. I have had a few friends tell me that I need to let them do it on there own. Sorry. They are my babies and I can't help myself. Even though they are 25 and 27 they still want their mommy. God knows that if they need me I will be there.

I am so far behind. I am ashamed to say that we don't even have a tree up yet. No decorations, no lights. I am very ashamed. Hubby said he would get that stuff up Thanksgiving weekend. Never happened. Of course you know he was too busy to do it. What with all the football games and college basketball and whatever else damn sport happens to be on. These days you can't have a break in sports. They all bleed over into each other. He was even watching a high school game the other day. As if. Like it is a team he cares about.

I guess it could be worse. He could be out hunting and bringing home wild game for me to cook. Gag. I can't handle that. It makes me ill to think about it. I know a lot of people love venison and other in the woods animals but it is NOT my thing. I will eat fish but don't ask me to clean it. I don't have a clue. I have actually been fishing a few times but everyone knows that if you want me fishing you have to bait the hook. Yes this grown woman can't stand squiggly, squirmy bait. And I WON'T touch the fish.

And to think.....I want to live off grid. But that is when I become a vegetarian I guess. Unless I sneak off to the store for steak and salmon filets. But I do love me some veggies. And I love growing them even more.


Lacy said...

lol..I don't touch the bait or the fish either. Congrats on the upcoming baby.

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