Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well I have been totally doing nothing productive for the last couple of days. Watching cooking shows, decorating shows and silly Christmas movies and sad ones too. Yep....I love my tivo. It is awesome. Since I don't sleep much I get up early and can watch shows all by myself drinking coffee that I didn't have time to watch when it originally came on.

Rachel Ray taught me to put ginger in the freezer for a longer shelf life and it is way easier to grate. It looks like crystals instead of the stringy mush I get normally. I thought that was awesome. I don't normally watch her very much anymore. After my attempt at a 30 minute meal that took a lot longer than that and was not that opinion of her changed. Now Paula Dean always makes delicious looking dishes, even though they are not always very healthy. Her sour cream muffins are wonderful. Basically they are just tiny biscuits loaded with butter and sour cream already. Perfect for a brunch or breakfast guests.

I watched Nicholas Cage lose his love in City of Angels. The music always gets me. I watched Christmas with the Kranks and hell no....I would not give away my 10 day cruise to the Caribbean. That daughter would just have to make do.

Giada made things for a spa day. I don't think a basil smoothie sounds very good. She said how fresh and healthy it was. When you have a cup of sugar used to make simple syrup split between three smoothies it can't be very healthy. Tyler Florence used to be one of my favorite chefs until my prime rib on Christmas was so blah. We are going to see how we can fix that tonight. Now I wish we had just cut it up into steaks and grilled it. The only problem with that is I like medium rare and I rarely get that with hubby at the helm.

I watched Candace Olsen decorate a loft. She is my absolute favorite designer with her sparkles and introducing us to new products. She first showed me glass tile for the inside of fireplaces. Damn....I had just built my house and would so have put that in with the glass pieces in the bottom of the fireplace. It wouldn't have cost much more than the gas logs we purchased. Vern Yip is my next favorite designer. He used to make all the others on Trading Spaces look like they were rookies. His rooms always looked amazing.

I have been online a lot too. I have been reading blogs. It is very captivating to me how people will open up their lives for all to see. One woman in the Netherlands talked about having a personality disorder and being bi-polar. Wow.

I keep up with the news as well on the internet. This is a headline that caught my eye....Man sets up dentist office in kitchen; wine is painkiller;. Wonder how much he charges? He was discovered when he broke off a tooth he was trying to pull and the man ended up in the hospital. They seized a dentist chair, drugs and bloody instruments (say it with me...eeeeeewwwww) in his kitchen. He says he was licensed in Ecuador. Ummm I am not going there for dental work.

I really like reading the weird news sometimes. It can be entertaining and scary. The one about the CIA giving Afghan warlords Viagra for information was a little unexpected. And then there is the one about the dog who shoplifted a bone from a store in broad daylight. Go Fido.

Can you tell that I am procrastinating? My office is pure pandemonium. There are boxes in here from decorations and ornaments and where gifts were shipped. My dining room is just as bad. There are unwrapped but not opened gifts in there, empty boxes that toys came in. And everyone just walks past it. So...I am avoiding. But I am going to get off my ass and get busy. Sigh.......


Marinka said...

I am now trying to recover from that home dentistry story. Good lordy!
Awesome ginger tip, though! Thanks!

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