Sunday, December 14, 2008


About my blog...... I plan on having different pages for different things. One of them being my adventures in dieting and eating right and maybe some delicious low cal, low cholesterol and low fat recipes. I know... that is hard to do... give me some bacon. Yum. I will also add other things such as articles on interesting people I know, have met or just know from the Internet, myspace and blogs. I am planning a give away soon. It will probably be one of my jewelry creations or some of my delish fudge that everyone clammers for. Katie over at said she almost blacked out over my comment about my marathon fudge making. You should swing by and tell her I said hello. She is very entertaining. I will let everyone know about the giveaway once I have moved to my new location .

I also want to mention the people I adopted my Oliver from. Keith and Janease Linenbrink own SassyK9's. Keith mentioned in an email that ever since Oprah had a show on puppy mills that it had hurt their business. I was just watching the animal planet when they had an excerpt on about it. Basically they said that anyone selling puppies on the Internet were puppy mills. This is absolutely false. While I am certain there are puppy mills selling online that does not mean that everyone that sells online is a puppy mill.

My Oliver is just over two years old. I have had him almost two years without one single problem or illness. Oliver went to the vet as soon as I got him and my vet said he was a very healthy well taken care of puppy. I did my due diligence on SassyK9's and was very pleased. They put their vet information and have lots of letters from happy adoptive parents on their site. So if you are looking for a loving cute little scruppy you should check out to see if they have the ideal baby for you.


Miriam said...

I just love the idea of the skinny woman inside me... being shut up by chocolate! You crack me up.

Popped over from Katie's place. Nice to meet you... your family is beautiful... and much luck with your blogging.

Squawkfox said...

I think you have the best tag line ever! LOL

On doggies. I got my dog from the SPCA. My sister got her doggie from a registered breeder. I also think it's a shame so many good breeders are feeling the smart from Oprah's show. While there are many horror stories about puppy mills, there are also many wonderful stories from breeders who honor animals.

Here's to woman's best friend: chocolate (and a wonderful dog).


Amen to that sister. Thanks for stopping by.

Katie said...

I'm sorry did you say something? All I heard was fudge... :)

Sorry it took me so long to get back over here.

Thanks for all the linky love!

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