Monday, December 15, 2008


Lots of people seem to have certain days dedicated to something specific on their blogs. I am not there yet. So I decided to have a Random Monday. After all we are just getting over our weekends right?

To say it has been an interesting morning is putting it mildly. All kinds of little goings on. I started out my diet this morning by drinking delicious tea. Then as usual things get weird and stressful and chocolate wins.

One of my clients sent me this massive, wonderful gift basket from Wine Country. OMG... tons of chocolate candies and truffles and brie and smoked salmon and beef log and blue cheese twists and chocolate covered pretzels and and and on and on. But no wine dammit. Good thing.... I probably would have been sipping first thing this morning. That would have meant an immediate nap. So really good thing.

I visited Miriam's site at Sorry for the tacky links... Hello....Techy Tard remember. I so want to be on a farm but not killing chickens like Katie at Katies Calamities. See her link in the last post. I saw a little sign on Miriam's blog about free backgrounds. The site is The Cutest Blog On The Block. I got the two cute signs to the right from them for FREE.... Go visit them and pimp out your blog... They offer other things as well.

I have been working on a few of the scrabble pendants this morning to take my mind off the real jewelry making. Gohhh... what a major block. I really should be working my real job. It has been a little slow lately so I take a break every now and then to stare at the various findings, jewels and other things.

I got to squeeze my chunky grandson #2 when he was going down for his "happy nappy". I coined that phrase. He is so delicious. Baby candy. So sweet. A few weeks ago he was calling everyone Mama. He just got back from two weeks with his dad and now everyone is Dada. I love his little ways. He now says constantly "whazat" for what's that. It will be excellent if he retains 1/10th of what we answer to "whazat". He really kills me when he says "oooh baby". His newest one is "wooo wooo wooo" when he is excited. Kids are just too damn cute sometimes.... except when it is time for that loaded diaper. Gag. I have been using the "green" grocery bags for sometime now. I quit when we all moved in together. We need those disposable bags for double bagging those diaper bombs. Sorry Earth. We can't survive without them until he is potty trained.

I do my part. I recycle... Why as we speak I am saving my plastic water bottles to make a chandelier. Does that sound redneck? Well if it does I don't give a damn. I need a nifty awesome light for my back porch. I will post it for you to see once I have enough. And you will be jealous......... so there.


Katie said...

I am going to have to diet after reading this blog...oh the agony of all the goodies! Lucky you!

I can't wait to see your Redneck Recycle'n.

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