Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay. I am back. I tried putting this blog on my .com but it didn't work. So it will not be on my server until someone (not me) figures it out. I know my way around computers pretty well but sometimes when it involves things like putting your blog on your .com and it says 5 minutes.... it takes me 5 hours. Simply because I don't know what the hell they are talking about. Open mouth.... insert chocolate.

Cutie Tootie and I are listening to music from his guitar. That child loves to dance. He hears music and he starts breaking it down. Swinging those hips. We had a diaper change this morning and two minutes later we had a poo to clean. Hello... too much diaper duty. DH is still in bed. Lucky bastard. I wish I could sleep. But hey... it is after 10:00am.

Did good on the diet thing this morning. I made an omelet with 2 pieces of Canadian bacon, kalamata olives and Italian cheese blend. Probably not the best for a diet but better than some mornings. Hopefully today nothing major will happen to give me an excuse to Stress EAT.

Darling Boy, grandson #1, ended up with 4 stitches. Didn't seem to phase him though. Of course this morning I had to use a cattle prod to get him moving. I explained that this was why he was late the other day and ran into the brick building and cracked his head. I think it is a control thing with him. In the mornings he knows what he has to do but has to be prodded several times to get it done. He moves like a 70 year old. In the evenings I have to peel him off the ceilings. And take a nerve pill or several cocktails.... ahhhh.

Cutie Tootie is going through boxes in my office. No I haven't gotten everything unpacked yet. So shoot me. Can I just get a vacation here? I need a salt water injection. I need the balmy breezes of Southern Florida. I need to go live at Ernest's house in Key West. I want to go back. I went in February. It was great. Except for someone partying all weekend and getting sick and missing three days of work and making me have to sit at my laptop and do their job. I can't believe I didn't stroke out because I was so mad. I mean hello..... We paid almost 300 a night to be there and I didn't want to spend it working. That so sucked. But other than that.... absolutely MARVELOUS.

I took loads of pics. I still haven't read my camera manual. I know it can do so much more than what I use it for. I really need to experiment. I think I want a digital SLR but I am not sure I will know what to do with it. I took one course in college in photography, before digital cameras, and I had a hard time remembering all that f stop stuff. I still have the book. I guess I need to like... you know.... read it again.

But... anyway... I did get a few great shots. Let me know what you think.

This old truck was in the Everglades. I think the town may have been Okeechobee. But don't get me to lying. I thought this was an awesome shot.
One shot I didn't get was because going through the Everglades there are no places to pull over. There were power lines, maybe 4-5, with nothing but buzzards on them. Probably like 50 of them. We couldn't stop because there were cars behind us and no shoulder to pull over on. Dang it.

This is one of my favorite shots. I love silhouette shots. I thought it was cool to get a shot of the moon through the palm tree fronds. I really enjoyed all the trees and flowers that grow in that region. I found trees that had the most interesting bark. One type of tree that no one could tell me the name of grew all over itself. Kind of like the ones in Hawaii that the limbs will shoot out "roots" that grow down to the ground. This may be the same variety.

I absolutely LOVED Ernest Hemingway's old home. I wanted to stay forever. The family of his wife at the time bought this house for them. When they divorced the wife kept the home. I love the tall windows that lets in the fantastic breezes. I love the porches especially on the second floor. I loved all the vegetation around the home. I wanted to stay forever. Of course this was in February. They said you do not want to be there in September. It is probably like being in Mexico. Below is a vignette that I liked a lot. The pot has been converted to a water fountain. The colors of the patina caused by water and mold are fantastic. I really think the bamboo is great. I want to do a painting based on this photograph. Also notice the porch off the master bedroom on the second floor. It was so cool up there. Just awesome. Below that is a portrait of Ernest. He was an interesting person. He was a drunk but interesting.

I have photos of his writing studio. I loved that they had all his original things in the room just as he had left it. Since there were photos and paintings of it that wasn't hard to recreate. I would kill for that space. It was an upstairs room over an area that is now the gift shop. When I get a chance I will scan in the items I got there for a look see.
I could write about Key West FOREVER.... just dreaming of being there again. It is such an artsy place, full of creative people..... and loads of partying to boot.
Well while I dream of renting a cottage there some day.... as if.... I will be screaming for chocolate....


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