Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh bloody hell.....

It has been three months... can't believe it. So I really have had too much going on in my life to even think about losing weight. It has been pure survival mode all the way...

So today was the day. I got up and had my usual couple of cups of coffee loaded with my fav hazelnut creamer and my teaspoon of raw sugar. I had two poached eggs, turkey bacon and one slice of whole wheat toast with Smart Balance. Good job.....

Then... "IT" hit the fan. My darling dear grandson, who was late for school because he couldn't tear his eyes away from Sponge Bob, fell and cracked his head open. Lovely. My darling oldest had to take him to the emergency room while I watch cutie tootie, my youngest grandson. Soooooo I am STRESS eating..........AGAIN.

Little cutie tootie is trotting around with his guitar that plays fun songs such as Love Shack, Thing Called Love and other rock songs...he lovesssssss it. He busted me eating Pringles. He said "eat, eat". He is 21 months old and was 7 weeks premature. So I had to bribe him. I put him in his high chair with goldfish. Shame on me. Well. At least I cooked pancakes this morning for the darling grandsons. I put wheat germ in it to give them that extra something they need.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. LOL... I so wanted to be good today. I am currently eyeballing a bag of chocolate covered peanuts. I don't know if I can resist.

Dammit to hell..........I am screaming for chocolate.


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